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Squash, Melon, Cucumber, Gourd Seedlings

We offer a wide array of organic cucurbit summer seedlings.  All of the vegetables in this collection thrive in warmer weather, and most need some sort of trellising or vertical support.  For support, we use fences, paracord, DIY stick and branch trellises, trellises made from cattle panels, tomato cages, and more!  

We are very excited to continue to  increase our Asian vegetable collection, and better serve our local community.  We are also determined to do a better job germinating more bitter gourds this year! 

Some gourds and squashes are offered only in the 4 inch pot size, while others are offered in the 4-pack size.  The plants in the 4 inch pots take longer to germinate, need more to grow, and are typically larger plants. 

All Daisy Hill Farm seedlings are grown organically and sustainably from seed or cutting with lots of love right here in Acton, MA.  We use Johnny's 512 organic potting soil mix, clean containers. Neptune's Harvest organic fertilizer. and non-GMO (and organic–whenever possible) seed from high quality seed companies that we trust. 


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