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Eggplant, Tomatillo, and Ground Cherry Seedlings

Healthy, organically grown eggplant, ground cherry, and tomatillo seedlings.  There is nothing like a fresh pan fried eggplant from your garden in the summer to make your dinner spectacular! Larger eggplants are perfect for the grill or eggplant parmesan.  Eggplant is a staple vegetable for us in the summer- if picked when smaller, they are tender and delicious.  

Tomatillo fruits are so fun with their paper husks and bright, fruity, acidic tomatillo taste.  The few plants we had were so prolific that we were able to make enough Salsa Verde to last through the winter last year.  And what kid can resist a ground cherry!?

Single Eggplant, Ground Cherry, and Tomatillo varieties listed on this page are grown in 4" containers for late May planting. 

Variety packs will have smaller seedlings (planted 2 weeks later)

All Daisy Hill Farm seedlings are grown organically and sustainably from seed or cutting with lots of love right here in Acton, MA.  We use Johnny's 512 organic potting soil mix, clean containers. Neptune's Harvest organic fertilizer. and non-GMO (and organic–whenever possible) seed from high quality seed companies that we trust.