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Daisy Hill Farm is a small (but mighty!) farm dedicated to sustainable organic practices and education, making the world a little greener and kinder one plant at a time. We are located in zone 6a (now 6b!?)  in Acton, Massachusetts on one acre of land, with about 1/4 acre in production. 

Our main focus is helping others grow their gardens by providing organic seedlings in the spring.  We also sell other garden products, such as seeds, seed potatoes, and garden supplies.  

We grow our organic seedlings from seed or cutting using a heated growroom, three small (mostly) unheated greenhouses and lots of love--all right here at our Acton Farm. The soil that we use is the Johnny's Selected Seeds Organic 512 Mix, which is phenomenal. We aim to be as sustainable as possible by washing and sterilizing our pots and flats, and delivering our seedling orders in recycled boxes.  It takes more time, but is worth it.  

And when planting season winds down, we will have organic flowers and herbs for sale as well. Kate Despres is the owner and manager who started the farm in 2016 after teaching high school biology for 15 years.