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Pepper Seedlings

Choose from 12 different organic hot pepper and 18 different organic sweet pepper seedling varieties- all grown organically from non-GMO seed at Daisy Hill Farm in Acton, MA. 

Most pepper fruits begin green and ripen into a final color.  They are edible at any stage, and the taste changes as they ripen.  So much fun!  

Grow your own peppers this summer to enjoy in salads, on the grill or straight off the plant-crisp and raw and sweet!  Our sweet peppers fall into 3 general categories:  bell pepper, cornito di rosso (a thinner walled tapered pepper popular in Europe) and picnic peppers (very small peppers).  

Besides culinary uses such as adding spice, heat and flavor to salsa, bean, meat, and pickle dishes, hot peppers can also be used in other ways!  For example, many hot peppers can also double as ornamental annual plants- their colors are so beautiful and they ripen more quickly than the larger sweet peppers.  Dry hot peppers indoors for extended winter culinary use, decoration, or in a hot pepper oil spray to keep those mammals from eating your sweeter veggies!

The majority of our peppers are grown for the 4" pot size with the exception of those in variety packs that are smaller or some grown in larger pots by special request.  

All Daisy Hill Farm seedlings are grown organically and sustainably from seed or cutting with lots of love right here in Acton, MA.  We use Johnny's 512 organic potting soil mix, clean containers. Neptune's Harvest organic fertilizer. and non-GMO (and organic–whenever possible) seed from high quality seed companies that we trust.