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Daisy Hill Farm Gardening Classes

Kate, owner of Daisy Hill Farm, was a high school biology teacher working in public schools for 15 years prior to becoming a farmer and garden educator in 2016. She holds a Masters in Education from Harvard University and although she very much misses formal classroom teaching, she has found a way to combine her love of teaching and farming through community gardening education classes! 

Kate’s classes are designed to be informative, interesting, and fun- all while also incorporating sustainability, ecology, organic practices, and DIY techniques. She has always loved with connecting with people through education and has a welcoming and energetic way of teaching and communicating. 

Interested in a workshop or seminar for your garden club?  Please contact Kate for more information!

Upcoming Classes: 

1.  Backyard Composting

Learn how to turn your food scraps, fall leaves, and other yard waste into beautiful garden compost.  Find out why gardeners call compost “black gold” and how it can be used to improve both plant and soil health. We will discuss the biology of decomposition, the basics of soil structure and plant nutrient requirements. Learn how to build a compost pile so that it “cooks”, how and when to turn it, sift it and use it . Finally, we will discuss several compost bin options- some you can build yourselves, and others that are commercially available.  

Be warned: Kate has an infectious love for composting. 

ONLINE (You can take the class from anywhere!!! :))

Friday, January 12, 2024 1-2:30 

Register through Concord-Carlisle Community Ed: 




Introduction to Organic Vegetable Gardening for Beginners


Have you been wanting to grow your own food, but don’t know where to start? Already dabbled in gardening and would like to learn more?  Nothing tastes better than your own fresh picked herbs and veggies! 

This class is intended for beginner gardeners with little to no experience and provides a general overview of the following topics: garden placement, choosing what type of garden is best for you (raised bed, in ground, or container), how to build and maintain high quality soil, plant spacing, tool recommendations, best watering methods, weeding, planting, mulch, and favorite vegetable varieties.  You will leave the class with an illustrated guide to organic gardening, and a bunch of ideas about what you will plant this year!

ONLINE (You can take the class from anywhere!!! :))

Online: Sunday, February 11: 10-11:30


Online:  Friday, March 1: 1-2:30

Register through Concord-Carlisle Community Ed: 




Seed Starting: 

Grow your own healthy vegetable, flower, and herb plants from seed!  Starting your own seeds allows you to choose your own specific plant varieties, plus it is a great way to bypass those late-winter blues!  We have a variety of tips and tricks as well to share after almost 20 years of seed starting.  In this class you will learn about  seed sourcing, grow area set-up, timing of starting seedlings, what soil to use, how often to water, and how to safely harden off seedlings for their move outside. 

IN PERSON at Daisy Hill Farm

Saturday, March 16,  9:30-11

Register through Concord-Carlisle Community Ed: 



Container Gardening:  

Did you know that you can have a garden without ever digging in the ground? It is true!  Learn the best varieties of your favorite vegetables, herbs and flowers that grow well in containers.  We will discuss where to put your containers, how large they should be for specific plants, the best soil to use, and how to care for your container garden(s).  Bring your questions and ideas!  

ONLINE (You can take the class from anywhere!!! :))

Friday, February 9, 2024 1-2:30

Register through Concord-Carlisle Community Ed: 



Tomato Time


A class dedicated to tomatoes!  Tomato growing is probably the number one reason many people have their own garden.  Nothing tastes better than your own garden tomato.  We have grown over 50 varieties here at Daisy Hill Farm and want to share all of our tomato knowledge with you!  Join us to learn about heirloom, hybrids, indeterminate vs. determinate, selecting the right tomato types for your family and garden, seed starting, how to nurture a strong tomato seedling and transition it to the outside, planting, pruning, harvesting, common tomato issues, tomatoes in the kitchen, and ways to save your harvest through the winter! 


ONLINE (You can take the class from anywhere!!! :))

Friday, January 19, 2024 1-2:30 

Register through Concord-Carlisle Community Ed: 



Design and plan your vegetable garden - grow more food in the space you have.  


Have you ever planted little seedlings in the spring a few inches apart only to find that mid-summer your garden is a crowded jungle?  Do you know how many square feet each tomato/bean/cucumber/basil plant needs to thrive?  Did you know that leafy greens can be planted in the shade of vertically grown squash?  Believe it or not, sometimes planting less will help produce more- and figuring out where to grow your veggies, flowers and herbs before digging can be super rewarding, especially after a long winter inside.

Utilize these tips and more to design and plan your garden by creating your own planting map to fit the needs of you and your family in the space that you have.  You will learn to make a crop map by using a few steps.  After making a ranked list of what you want to grow, you will plan out when and where to plant your top priority crops using a map of your own growing space.  You will leave the class with a packet of references and tips to help you continue mapping in the future. 

ONLINE (You can take the class from anywhere!!! :))

February 4, 2024: 10-11:30am


Friday, March 15, 2024: 1-2:30 pm

Register through Concord-Carlisle Community Ed: