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Tomato Seedlings

Nothing beats your homegrown garden tomato!  Sweet, rich, tangy summer in every bite. Daisy Hill Farm tomato plants are sturdy, healthy and ready to plant in mid-May.  Most will produce fruit beginning in August.  Typically, the larger the tomato, the longer the time it takes to mature in your garden.

This year we are proud to offer 44 different varieties! We have a range of tomato sizes and colors, hybrids, open-pollinated, and heirlooms. Some plants should be planted in gardens while others work better in smaller containers (check out our new Dwarf collection!)  All are good!  Unless otherwise stated, the tomato plant is indeterminate.

ALL varieties are available as individuals in 4” pots.  Variety packs include smaller plants - we start them 2 weeks later than the plants in the 4 inch pots.

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All Daisy Hill Farm seedlings are grown organically and sustainably from seed or cutting with lots of love right here in Acton, MA.  We use Johnny's 512 organic potting soil mix, clean containers. Neptune's Harvest organic fertilizer. and non-GMO (and organic–whenever possible) seed from high quality seed companies that we trust.

Check out our transplanting tomato video HERE.