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Gourd: Cucuzzi -NEW!

Another customer request! This Italian heirloom is another type of bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria). Hudson Valley Seed Company says: “Massive vines that will climb anything and everything. A very fun variety to grow if you have the space. This Italian gourd can be used like a zucchini when very young and tender. Gourds will reach 48" long, but are best for eating when they are between 12-18" long, and the skin is pale green and a bit fuzzy. The vines are massive, reaching 20 feet in length easily, and will over take any space. Great to grow on a sturdy trellis, arbor, or fence. This species has beautiful, delicate white evening blooming flowers making it a great candidate for ornamental landscaping. 1-2 plants is more than enough for a single household. To use the gourds, eat only when young. Peel the skin before using. Not recommended for eating raw.“
4 in pot