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Red Russian Hardneck Garlic


We love Red Russian Garlic.  It is incredibly easy to grow, has beautiful curly scapes in the late spring and lasts well into the winter!

Fedco Bulbs (our original supplier years ago) says that Red Russian garlic was "said to have been brought to the Pacific Northwest by Russian immigrants in the early 1900s, and so named for its mottled burgundy skin. Forms a ring of 5–12 large plump cloves around a central stalk. Keeps well for over six months (at least). “Delicious garlic flavor with no bitter aftertaste,” says Russian Red grower and garlic aficionado M. Coffin".

We have 3 sizes available this year-we recommend using medium and large sizes for seed garlic (or eating!) and the smaller size for culinary use.  

$5.25 USD