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Inchelium Red Softneck Garlic


Inchelium Red is a softneck garlic that does well in the north!  Softneck typically stores longer than hardneck- in fact- we used our 2022 grown garlic that was harvested in July right through June of 2023!  We bought garlic ONCE from the store from all of 2022-2023.  Yipee! 

Fedco Bulbs (our original supplier years ago) has this to say about Inchelium Red: it "usually forms 2–3 inner cloves and 6–7 outer cloves, but can make a very large bulb with 4–5 rings. Inner cloves not as tiny as in supermarket garlics. White paper with reddish-purple markings. Very good flavor, but not intense; excellent raw. Decent keeper, with good yields and good bolt-resistance. Originates from Inchelium (in-CHEE-lee-um), Washington, near the Canadian border".

Available in large and medium sizes this year!  The picture with a red background shows a large bulb- the cloves are huge!  

$5.00 USD