Organic Vegetable Seedlings for May/June planting SOLD OUT 2022

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Choose from a variety of healthy warm weather seedlings to get a jump start on your growing season.  All plants are grown organically and sustainably from non-GMO seed at Daisy Hill Farm in Acton, MA.  

Each vegetable variety on this page comes in a 4-pack.  

Scroll down to see more details about each variety.  Can't Decide?  Check out the veggie variety packs on the variety pack page

Don't forget to check out our other warm weather veggies (peppers, eggplants and tomatoes) on the homepage.  Heirloom varieties are indicated by (h).

17 New Varieties for 2022.  Scroll down for descriptions and pictures!

Vegetables that grow on vines such as pole beans, cucmbers and many squashes will grow exponentially better with vertical support such as a trellis or fencing.

Bean: Dragon’s Tongue (bush) (h)

Prolific heirloom with delicious beautiful green and purple mottled beans.  Turn green when cooked. Bush beans can grow without support and typically produce beans a few weeks ahead of pole beans.

Bean: Green Yard Long (pole) (heirloom)

Long beans (18”) grow on vigorous vines and have a distinct nutty flavor that is excellent when steamed, sauteed or fried.

Bean: Maxibel Haricot Vert (bush)  

Thin French beans, sweet and tender.  These haricot verts grow longer than average and hold well if you forget to pick them for a while.

Bean: Provider (bush) (h)

Dependable producers of the classic green bean.  Produces 2 big flushes of beans.

Bean: Red Noodle Yard Long (pole)

Absolutely stunning 14-18” long burgundy pods that are stringless with sweet Asian bean flavor.

Bean: Roma II (bush)-NEW!

Stringless 5-6” flat pods on compact bush plants.  Similar buttery flavor as the Roma Pole beans. Excellent for fresh eating, and suitable for canning or freezing.

Bean: Soybean: Sayasume

 Excellent buttery sweet flavored soybeans.  Ripen at end of August/early September.  4 minute boil, top with salt- best soy beans you will eat!


Bitter Melon: Chinese Green Skin (h)-NEW!

 Very limited Supply.  Kitazawa Seeds says: “This is an excellent, open pollinated, Chinese bitter gourd that produces fruit 8-10" long and 3" in diameter. It has green skin with large smooth warts. The leaves and leafy shoots are also edible. Bitter gourd is also called bitter melon, karalla, and balsam pear.”

Bitter Melon: Jade Dragon-NEW!

Hybrid bitter melon that has been adapted for the northern climate.  Fedco says: “Bright pastel-green bumps and fluting cover the curvaceous lines of this well-named 8–14" beauty, looking every bit the jade dragon. Botanically, it is neither a melon nor a gourd. Don’t be put off by the English name ‘bitter melon’—instead, think balsam pear of Asia or karela of India, where it is a well-regarded tropical vegetable with rich flavor and pleasing bitterness. Long prized for its medicinal qualities, both the leaves and fruits are used as antivirals and to reduce blood-sugar levels. The leaves can be made into tea or cooked as greens. To prepare fruit for cooking, first scoop out the pulpy core.”


Celery: Tango

Excellent variety for New England- tolerates shifts in temperature and water.  We harvested our plants for 4 months last year!

Corn: Allure F1-NEW!

Sweet hybrid corn on 6-7’ stalks

Corn: Painted Mountain

This dual purpose corn may be used for fall decor or for grinding for flour/cornmeal. Fedco Seeds says: “Short efficient 5' plants, long thin 6–7" cobs. Painted Mountain is the hardiest, fastest-maturing grain corn in the world...Contains vivid golds, oranges, reds and purples, about every shade of color known to corn. High in anthocyanins. Bred to withstand high winds, cold temperatures, intense heat and drought, and to survive global warming. Painted Mountain grows where no other corn can.”

Cucumber: Adam Gherkin-NEW!

So cute at 2-3”! Small European pickler with a nice disease resistance package.  Small fruits are covered in tiny spines. 




Cucumber: Boothbay Blonde (heirloom)

Crisp, sweet, and delicate flavor is what helps to make these light yellow-lime colored cukes so endearing.  3-5" fruit

Cucumber: H19 Pickling (h)

Sets fruit without pollination, so may be kept under row cover.  Small cukes, plants have high disease resistance. We love to eat these fresh with the skin on.  

Cucumber: Lemon-NEW!

Great container variety. 3” fruits have a crunchy texture and delicate taste.  Round cucumbers turn from light green-yellow to bright golden yellow.  Prized by chefs.

Cucmber: Painted Serpent

Also known as a striped Armenian cucumber.  Beautiful and delicious with alternating light and dark green stripes on a slightly fuzzy skin.  Best eaten when fruits are 8-18” long, but fruits can grow to be 36” long!  Straighter if trellised.

Cucumber: Poona Kheera

Gourmet variety from India that has a skin which changes color as the fruits mature.  They start out as white, turn yellow and finally develop a golden-brown skin (like a potato) at maturity. Crisp and delicious at all stages.  Vines 5-6’ and fruits 4-5”.

Cucumber: Shintokiwa

Long, thin skinned with small seed cavity.  Great sweet, bright flavor with great crunch.  Fruits average 9-10” long and will be straighter with trellising.  Last cucumbers left standing at our farm last fall.  

Cucumber: Marketmore Slicing (h)

Dark green classic slicing cucumbers, 8-9”, produce prolifically throughout season

 Cucumber: Mexican Sour Gherkin

This amazing little 1” fruit is so great!  It defies typical classification but tastes a bit like a mix of a tart melon and a cucumber. Thin skinned with seeds that develop later, use this as you would a more standard cucumber in salsas, sandwiches or for amazing fresh eating. Vine grows to be about 4’ and should be trellised or grown in a hanging basket. Very productive!

Cucumber: National Pickling-NEW!

5" cukes with the versatility to be eaten in slads, or made into pickles.  

Fennel: Preludio-NEW!

Early large bulbs with excellent fennel flavor.  If you miss your harvest window, fennel will produce umbrel shaped flowers to attract loads of pollinators.



Gourd: Luffa

VERY LIMITED Supply.  Dual purpose!  Pick young and steam/panfry them or let them mature and dry for additional use- like making luffa sponges! Trellis to keep luffas straight. Mature luffa sponges are about 7”.  Vines can grow to 12’.

Melon: Sarah's Choice Canteloupe-NEW!

Flavorful 3 lb canteloupe.  Harvest when fruit slips off the vine with a gentle tug. 

Melon: Torpedo Korean

Extra early Korean melon. Johnny’s Selected Seeds says: “A good choice for a first-time melon grower. High-yielding plants produce avg. 1-2 lb, 5 x 3 1/2" cylindrical fruits that are lemon yellow with white sutures. Refreshingly crisp and moderately sweet white flesh. Performs very well in cool northern areas. Fruits slip off vine when ripe.”

Okra: Cajun Jewel

Fedco says: “A bayou favorite since the 1950s, Cajun Jewel adapts well to our cooler climate and produces almost as much as hybrid Cajun Delight. Dwarf spineless 3–4' plants….Once it flowers, the fleshy pods will be ready for harvest in two days. They are best when picked young and tender, no longer than 4".

Pumpkin: Black Futsu-NEW!

New to us this year.  Johnny’s Selected Seeds says it it is a “beloved Japanese delicacy. A traditional favorite with bumpy skin that develops an enchanting gray-to-blush, cloudy "bloom" on the surface. Firm, bright orange flesh with unique, fruity flavor. Skin is thin and edible, so there is no need to peel. Long vines. Stores 4–5 months. Avg. weight: 2–4 lb

Pumpkin: Good Egg Godiva-NEW!

Grow this little pumpkin (6-12lb) for its seeds which are delicious roasted. 

Pumpkin: Howden

Classic large pumpkin.  Perfect for carving!  Deep orange color with solid ribbing and strong stem handles.  Fruits vary in size and weight, averaging 18-26 lb and about 1-2 per Vine.  Vines can reach 12’

Pumpkin: Jack Be Little (heirloom)

Super cute small (½ lb) pumpkins on manageable plants (vines about 3-5’).  Good to eat, delicious stuffed and also excellent decor.  6-12 fruits per vine. 

Pumpkin: Moonshine

Great small/medium white pumpkin to liven up the pumpkin patch.  Smooth-skinned pumpkins avg. 8–12 lb. Perfect for decorating or carving. Long, dark green handles. Avg. 3–4 fruits/plant

Pumpkin: New England Pie (heirloom)

Classic 4-6 lb pumpkins with dry, stringless flesh- great for pies!  We also use them for fall decor.  Dark orange skin with light ribbing and strong vine handles.  3-4 pumpkins per plant.  Vines can grow to 12’. Stores well.

Pumpkin: Owl's Eye-NEW!

Warm yellow pumpkins are great for jack-o-lanterns or combined with varying pumpkin colors for a fine fall decor display.  10-16 lb fruit, semi-bush habitat.

Pumpkin: Wee-B-Little

Another cute little pumpkin for fall decor.  This one has skin that is smooth enough to paint.  Round 3”, 10 oz pumpkin with semi-bush habits for closer spacing.  Average about 8 fruits per plant.

Squash: Costata Romanesca (heirloom) 

Delicious Italian heirloom squash that has excellent texture and a slightly nutty flavor. The skin is thin, ribbed and gray green.   Best when picked at 6”.   

Squash:  Delicata 

We roast this squash in wedges with the skin for a side dish that is simply wonderful.  Our distinct, widely grown strain. Creamy yellow skin with long green stripes and dots on 7-9" long fruits. 

Squash: Dunja Zucchini

Excellent early green zucchini, powdery mildew resistant.  Harvest young (6-8”)

Squash: Early Summer Yellow Crookneck Summer (heirloom)

Johnny’s says: “This traditional variety is well known for its buttery flavor and firm texture. Big plants are late to begin bearing, but then yield consistently over a long picking period. Best picked small, 4-5" long. Larger fruits will have a bumpy appearance.”

Squash: Honeynut Butternut-NEW!

Mini butternut squash (.5-1lb) that is resistant to powdery mildew.  These cute serving size butternuts also store well through the winter.

Squash: Patty Pan Y-Star-NEW!

Hybrid patty pan squash with yellow and green coloring.  Harvest young while the fruits are tender and sweet. 

Squash: Red Kuri Kombocha

High Mowing Seeds says:  Teardrop-shaped, striking red-orange squash from Japan. Also known as Baby Red Hubbard or Orange Hokkaido, this variety has smooth, sweet, dry orange flesh. Reliable yields even in cool climates with short growing seasons. 3-4 lbs

Squash: Spaghetti

Johnny’s says:  Slightly sweet, nutty flavor. Oblong in shape with ivory skin that changes to pale yellow at maturity. An excellent pasta alternative — bake or boil, fork out the flesh, and top the "spaghetti" with your favorite sauce. Short vines. Avg. weight: 3–5 lb. Avg. yield: 4–5 fruits/plant.

Squash: Success PM Straightneck-NEW!

 “Prolific, disease resistant plants with smooth, uniform and attractive fruit.” says High Mowing Organic Seeds.  Harvest at 6-7”

Squash: Sweet REBA Acorn-NEW!

REBA stands for Resistant Early Bush Acorn. Dry sweet flesh on ~2 lb fruit.  4-5 fruits per plant. Resists powdery mildew.  Very popular- sold out at our favorite seed companies by early January.

Squash: Waltham Butternut (h)

Big fruits with smaller seed cavities make this winter squash super valuable!  Squashes grow to be 4-5 lbs, but may be harvested younger. Classic, delicious butternut flavor.  Keeps for months after harvest. 

Squash: Zephyr-NEW!

We especially like this 2-toned yellow and green summer squash grilled.  Pick young at 4-6” for best taste and texture.

Watermelon: Blacktail (heirloom)

Great little watermelons (avg. 8” across) for our short summer season.  Dark green skin with crimson flesh.  Vines can reach 10’. Very sweet, crunchy and stores well.