Organic Seedling Variety Packs SOLD OUT 2022

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We Can't decide what to choose?  Have a small space or just want to try everything?  Sounds like you need seedling Variety packs! Scroll down for combo pack information and for individual variety descriptions, see other pages. Plants in these variety mix-packs will be smaller than individual plants in the 4" containers. 



 3 packs

Cherry Tomato 3 pack:

Sweet 100, Sungold, Black Cherry

Picnic Pepper 3-pack

HMS Picnic: yellow, orange, red

Queen Zinnia Variety 3-pack-NEW!

1 of each: Queen Lime with Blush, Queen Lime Orange, and Queen Lime Red




Cherry Tomato 4 pack: 

Sweet 100, Indigo Cherry Drop, Sungold, Black Cherry

Heirloom Tomato 4 pk (slicers):

Golden Jubilee, Cherokee Purple, Pink Brandywine, Aunt Ruby's German Green

Hot Pepper 4-pack: 

Cayenne, Jalapeno, Czech Black, Poblano


Sweet Bell Pepper Variety 4-pack

Purple Beauty, King of the North, Gilboa and Flavorburst




Eggplant Variety 4-Pack: 

Diamond, Fairy Tale, Aretussa, Pingtung Long

Bush Bean Mix 4-pack

Gold Rush, Dragon's Tongue, Provider, Royal Burgundy

Pole Bean Mix 4-pack:

1 of each: Rattlesnake, Blue Coco, Northeaster, Marvel of Venice

Cool Cucumber 4-pack:

1 of each: Boothbay Blonde, H19 Pickling, Marketmore slicing, Shintokiwa


Basil Variety 4-pack

1 of each: Thai basil, sweet basil, Italian large leaf, and Rosie basil

Kale Variety 4-Pack

1 of each: Red Russian, Darkibor, Toscano, and Purple Curly



Container Flower 4-Pack-NEW!

1 of each: Sorbet Viola, Thumbelina Zinnia, Alaska Mix Nasturtium, Queen Sophia Marigold

Marigold Variety 4-pack-NEW!

1 of Each: Crackerjack Marigold, Queen Sophia Marigold, Pinwheel Marigold, and Durango



 Rainbow Pride Flower 6-pack-NEW!


1 of each:

Red: Red Scarlet Zinnia, Orange: Mexican Sunflower, Yellow: Prairie Sun Rudbeckia, Green: Emerald Tassels Amaranth, Blue: Victoria Blue Salvia, Purple: Cranberry Double Click Cosmos