Organic Sweet Pepper Seedlings SOLD OUT 2022

Organic Sweet Pepper Seedlings SOLD OUT 2022

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Grow your own peppers this summer to enjoy in salads, on the grill or straight off the plant-crisp and raw and sweet!  All seedlings are grown organically from non-GMO seed right here at Daisy Hill Farm in Acton MA.  Our sweet peppers fall into 3 general categories:  bell pepper, cornito di rosso (a thinner walled tapered pepper popular in Europe) and picnic peppers (very small peppers).  

New this year:  Apple, Bangles Blend, Habanada, Jimmy Nardello, and Shisito

The majority of our peppers are grown for the 4" pot size.  There are some smaller plants available in 3-packs or 4-packs.  Visit our pepper combo packs page for more info on multi-plant packs.


Apple Sweet Pepper-NEW!

We loved this tasty pointy pepper last year!  2’ plants produce 4” elongated fruits with a delicious bright sweetness. 

Bangles Blend Sweet Pepper-NEW!

Beautiful pepper plant produces deliciously colorful 1.5” fruits on 18-24” plants.  This is one pepper plant that can double as an ornamental and is great for containers. Each plant produces one pepper color. 

Carmen Sweet Pepper

The elongated cornito-type sweet Carmen pepper is a long, bright red pepper when ripe.  Cornitos are amazing and deserve more attention! Excellent for roasting or fresh eating-the taste is spectacular, it is our favorite large red pepper. Will produce peppers until the frost hits.  Fruits avg. 6" long x 2 1/2" wide. 

Cornito Rosso Sweet Pepper

This is a half size bright red cornito pepper (the tapered pepper).  Peppers are about 1-1 1/2" wide at the shoulders and 5" long. They are very sweet and super cute smaller versions of Carmen, with slightly earlier maturity. Perfect for grilling and roasting, like their full-size counterparts. Known as kapia type in Europe

Escamillo Sweet Pepper

Similar to Carmen in shape, growth habit and fruit abundance. Golden yellow pepper.  Great sweet taste when raw and makes an excellent frying pepper.  Fruits avg. 6" long x 2-2 1/2" wide.

Flavorburst Sweet Pepper

This bell pepper is appropriately named-what flavor! It begins as a lime green fruit and turns to bright golden yellow when ripe.  Slightly elongated, 3-lobed 3-4” fruits grow on strong plants and are excellent for fresh eating.

Gilboa Orange Sweet Pepper

Blocky orange bell pepper, ripens in mid-ate September most years.  Wonderful sweet-fruity orange pepper flavor.

Habanada Sweet Pepper-NEW!

Check this out!  A pepper that looks like a spicy habanero, has most of the taste of a habanero but none of the heat!  Amazing!  Each plant will produce about 2 dozen sweet 1x21/2” fruits.

HMS Picnic Orange Sweet Pepper

Deep orange peppers with a rich sweet pepper flavor.

High Mowing Seeds has bred its own small “picnic” size (3-5”) peppers.  They have been selected for thick walls, excellent yield, flavor and an upright plant habit. 

HMS Picnic Red Sweet Pepper

High Mowing seeds says “Pretty much the sweetest pepper we’ve ever tasted...After on-farm trials in Wisconsin in 2016, growers commented that they had trouble selling ripe fruit because their kids and partners ate them out of the field as soon as they turned red.” 

HMS Picnic Yellow Sweet Pepper

High Mowing Seeds says: “The yellow Picnic Pepper has a nice tart flavor with good complexity and a nice crisp crunch. Selected for upright plant habit, good flavor and thick walls.”

Jimmy Nardello Sweet Pepper (heirloom)-NEW!

This beautiful 8” Corntio-type Italian frying pepper tapers to a point and turns a deep shiny wrinkled red when ripe. Listed on Slow Food’s Ark of Taste and was brought to the US in the late 1800s by Jimmy Nardello’s mom from the Basilicata region of southern Italy.


King of the North Sweet Pepper(heirloom)

Classic, delicious red bell pepper that will ripen in New England. Good producer, can use as either green or red (when ripe), does well even in cooler summers. 

Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper

Very dark purple bell peppers have bright green flesh, creating a striking contrast when sliced.  Peppers ripen to a deep-purple red.  3-4” fruits

Shisito Sweet Pepper (heirloom)-NEW!

So many people have recommended this pepper to us and we are super excited to offer it this year!  High Mowing says that it is a “Small, mild Japanese pepper for roasting, pan-frying and grilling. Thin walls blister and char easily when roasted or grilled, taking on rich flavor that is delicious with coarse salt and lemon juice. The occasional fruit will display heat. Typically harvested and used green, but eventually turns orange and red with sweeter flavor.” 2-4” peppers