Organic Hot Pepper Seedlings - Online Ordering closed for 2021

Organic Hot Pepper Seedlings - Online Ordering closed for 2021

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Spice up your summer with hot peppers from Daisy Hill! Besides culinary uses such as adding spice, heat and flavor to salsa, bean, meat, and pickle dishes, hot peppers can also be used in other ways!  For example, many hot peppers can also double as ornamental annual plants- their colors are so beautiful and they ripen more quickly than the larger sweet peppers.  Dry hot peppers indoors for extended winter culinary use or or decoration make a hot pepper oil spray to keep those mammals from eating your sweeter veggies!

New this year:  Carrot Bomb, Fish, Hungarian Hot Wax, Magnum Orange Habenero, and Prik Chi Faa Thai.

The majority of our peppers are grown for the 4" pot size.  There are some single variety multi-packs (3-packs)  at a smaller size and larger quart size of the most popular plants. Choose from 11 different hot pepper varieties- all grown organically from non-GMO seed at Daisy Hill Farm in Acton, MA.

Want some variety?  Check out the  pepper combo packs!

Carrot Bomb 

Incredibly prolific, early peppers.  These sturdy plants could work as double as ornamentals with their bright tangerine 1-2” shiny hot pepper fruits.  Heat is comparable to a mild jalapeño but will vary with weather.

Cayenne (Red Ember)

HOT! 4” fruits mature from green to shiny fire engine red.  Prolific plant.

Czech Black

Black peppers turn reddish when ripe, 2 1/2” long, heat is less than a jalapeno.


Fish (heirloom)

Gorgeous green and white foliage and a rainbow of colored fruit makes this plant simply gorgeous.  The 2" curving pendant fruits look a little like swimming fish. They turn from white with green stripes to orange with brown stripes to red, packing considerable heat and full-bodied flavor that especially enhances shellfish.

By 1900 Fish was extensively grown by the African-American community around Philadelphia and Baltimore. Listed on Slow Food’s Ark of Taste.

Habenero (Magnum Orange) 

Loads of super hot bright orange 1-2” fruits. Typical habanero with high productivity.   This variety has high productivity and the plants tolerate the cooler Northeast.

Hungarian Hot Wax

High Mowing Organic Seed Company says ”Long, banana-shaped waxy pepper used for frying, stuffing and pickling. Ripens from pale yellow to deep golden orange and finally cherry red, but traditionally harvested light green and used for pickling. May be harvested at any stage but heat intensifies as peppers mature. Very productive even in cool weather. Heat varies among strains; HMOS strain is spicy but not overly hot.” 1.5-5.5” fruits

Jalapeño (Jalafuego)

Vigorous plants consistently produce very high yields of 3 1/2 to 4" fruits that are resistant to cracking. 

Poblano (Baron)

Highly adaptable, large-fruited (5" x 3") poblano pepper. The fruits are typically two-lobed which makes them easy to stuff and cook in their signature dish, chile rellenos.

Serrano (Hildago) 

Hotter than a jalapeño these plants produce many fruits which Fedco describes as “bright, fruity hot flavor lingers in the front of the mouth and makes your taste buds tingle all over,” Green peppers ripen to red.

Thai (Prik Chi Faa)

Thai chili peppers are considered medium hot. The peppers have smooth glossy green skin that turns red at maturity. They grow about 5 to 7" long.

Thai (tiny little heirloom)

Small upright  1” peppers ripen to bright red and each plant can produce 200 peppers! Super hot!  Makes a tremendous potted ornamental.