Organic Herbs- Annuals- Online Ordering Closed for 2021

Organic Herbs- Annuals- Online Ordering Closed for 2021

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Adding herbs to your landscape and garden is an excellent way to add tremendous depth and flavor to any dish you cook up in the kitchen AND invite and feed pollinators!  And, they look and smell great! 

Add basil and mint to water for a refreshing summer drink, or grow enough basil to make your own pesto (so worth it!).  Add some chamomile flowers to your tea.    Dry or freeze herbs inside for winter use.

All plants have been grown from seed or cuttings here at the farm using organic and sustainable practices. We use only the highest quality non GMO seeds and soil to grow healthy starts. Plants come in a variety of sizes from the small plants in 2" pots, larger plants in 4" pots or more mature plants in 1 quart pots (later in the season for most plants). Basil 4" pots will contain multiple plants. 

Can't decide what to grow?  Check out the herb variety packs

Basil: Greek

Very tiny basil leaves make this topiary-like plant a perfect one for containers or small spaces.  Leaves are ideal for garnishes or salad dressing.

Basil: Lemon 

Small basil plant with lemony taste.  High Mowing says: “Delicious with fish and in salad dressings. Flowering stalks can be added to bouquets to lend a wonderful lemony fragrance. A smaller-leaf variety, reaching 15" tall.

Basil: Rosie 

Beautiful purple basil.  Mild basil taste mixed with anise. all lavender flower spikes, reddish-purple leaves and strong stems make this an excellent addition to bouquets.  

Basil: Italian Large Leaf

Large plant with large leaves (up to 4” long).  Sweet. Great for pesto and Italian cooking.

Basil: Rutgers Devotion DMR

This basil made it through the scourge of mildew that attacked all of our other plants in August.  We were still harvesting it in October from the hoophouse.  Perfect for all of your fresh summer basil needs.  Resists downy mildew. 

Basil: Sweet

This basil is the traditional star of summer.  Use it fresh in sandwiches, in salads, on pasta, or make your own pesto!

Basil: Thai

Beautiful plant with green leaves and purple stems and flowers.  Strong licorice-anise flavor, often used in thai cooking

Basil: Kapoor Tulsi aka "Holy"

Fedco says: “ Native to India and used in Indian and Thai cuisine. Spicier than other basils and quicker to go to seed, but still usable when covered with purple flowers.” Medicinal Uses. And, much more tolerant to cold temps than other basil.


This plant has fern like green foliage and tiny flowers that are often used in tea for their calming effect


Use the leaves in a multitude of dishes- Indian, Mexican, etc.  If plant is allowed to go to seed, then you get a second treat-coriander.

Cutting Celery

Looks like parsley, but tastes like celery.  Easier to grow than standard celery. Just a few sprigs of this savory herb can replace the taste of an entire bunch of store-bought celery.


Large, ferny dill leaves.  Sautee with carrots for an excellent side dish!  Use the flower heads to make dill pickles.

Lavender, Fernleaf

 Distinctive lavender plant with deeply lobed, fern-like leaves that are silvery-dusty-green in color.  It has many spikes of blue violet flowers that are highly attractive to butterflies.  Great for borders, beds and containers. 


Fedco says: “Native to Southeast Asia, used in food and medicine there for millennia, and adopted worldwide for the bright lemony flavor it imparts. Coarse grass sets 6–12 harvestable stalks, looking something like pencil leeks...Use chopped or ground, fresh, dried or frozen, add to soups, sauces and stir-fries, or make into a delicious medicinal tea to aid digestion.”


Marjoram, Sweet

This annual herb has a flavor that is similar to oregano, but sweeter.  Green leaves on an upright form. White flowers. Used in sauces, soups and meat dishes.

Mint, Corsican

This tiny mint plant is an excellent groundcover.  Great aroma, but best for outside decor in between stones and in containers.  Will not overwinter, but may self-seed for new plants next year. 

Parsley (Flat Leaf)

Large, flat rich dark green leaves.  We use it.all.the.time. 

Parsley, Krausa

A curly parsley variety with a mild taste.  Thicker stems and dark green leaves. 

Rosemary, Foxtail

Cascading branches of aromatic foliage is a finer textured than the typical rosemary.  Dense leaves provide lots of flavor for those savory dishes!  May overwinter with protection.

Rosemary, Tuscan Blue

One of the darkest blue flowering varieties. Excellent flavor, columnar variety! Will not overwinter outside in MA.