Organic Garlic for growing or eating!

Organic Garlic for growing or eating!

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We have been growing garlic for years at the farm and are finally ready to share it with the world!  Okay, maybe not the world, but our wonderful local customers! The original bulbs were purchased from Fedco and have been slected for size and quality over the last few years in our Acton, MA gardens.  We do not have organic certification, but follow the same guidleines as certified organic growers.  

We currently offer 2 hardneck varieties and 1 softneck variety.  Typically, hardneck varieties produce flower scapes in June that can be cut and used to make garlic scape pesto or flavor other dishes.  We adore scapes!  They are far less pungent that garlic, but with a delectible flavor and texture that can't quite be compared to anything else.  In proper conditions, harneck garlic can be stored and used through February.  

Softneck variteis tend to store for longer periods of time but do not typeically produce scapes (although we have had many that do!).  This varietey typically stores longer inside and is braidable!   We braid ours and just cut off the lowest bulb with scissors when it is time to cook. 

Price is $4.50 per garlic bulb

Red Russian Hardneck

 Fedco says "Allium sativum subs. ophioscorodon Said to have been brought to the Pacific Northwest by Russian immigrants in the early 1900s, and so named for its mottled burgundy skin. Forms a ring of 5–12 large plump cloves around a central stalk. Keeps well for over six months. “Delicious garlic flavor with no bitter aftertaste,” says Russian Red grower and garlic aficionado M. Coffin". 

Red Russian is a rocambole type of hardneck which means it "produces 5–13 medium-large cloves with tan, brown or reddish skins, slightly loose and relatively easy-peeling. A shorter shelf life than Porcelains, maybe because the clove skins are looser, maybe because of a slight tendency to split cloves. Generally, stores well through February, and—if really cured well and in optimal storage—can store months longer".

Music Hardneck

Fedco Says "Allium sativum subs. ophioscorodon Similar to German Extra Hardy, with large succulent cloves. Al Music brought this Porcelain type from Italy to Ontario in the 1980s, where it became known as a very good cold-climate variety. Bakes up wonderfully". 

Music is a porcelin hardneck type which means it "produces 3–6 very large cloves with tight porcelain-white skins, each equivalent to two or three cloves of supermarket garlics. Excellent storage. Huge cloves are wonderful in the kitchen (some will need cutting to fit into a garlic press!), and perfect for production pesto-making or baking whole".

Inchellium Red Softneck

Fedco has this to say about Inchellium Red: "Allium sativum subs. sativum Usually forms 2–3 inner cloves and 6–7 outer cloves, but can make a very large bulb with 4–5 rings. Inner cloves not as tiny as in supermarket garlics. White paper with reddish-purple markings.

Very good flavor, but not intense; excellent raw. Decent keeper, with good yields and good bolt-resistance. Originates from Inchelium (in-CHEE-lee-um), Washington, near the Canadian border".