Organic Flowers-Perennials- for Spring Planting

Organic Flowers-Perennials- for Spring Planting

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Perennial flowers in your garden attract pollinators, host beneficial insects and provide reliable color and texture to your space.  

Start your garden today with seedlings grown at Daisy Hill!  All plants have been grown from non GMO seed or cuttings here at the farm using organic and sustainable practices. We use only the highest quality seeds and soil to grow healthy starts.

 Available in 4" pots, 1qt or 2qt pots depending on variety

Anise Hyssop

This is one for the pollinators!  Fedco says:  “Bushy Midwestern native permeates the air with sweet licorice fragrance. An outstanding insectary plant, its long-blooming nectar-laden purple flowers attract bees and parasitic wasps, butterflies and hummingbirds. Anise-scented foliage and flowers delightful as a tea or culinary seasoning, or filler in mixed bouquets. The tea induces sweating and strengthens the heart, was used also for fevers, colds, and by Native Americans as a cough medicine. Perennial can grow 3' tall, 2' wide. Vigorous self-sower. Not related to anise or hyssop.”

Bee Balm, Panorama

Fedco says:  Bushy clumping 30" Panorama bears 1–2 whorls of red tubular flowers on each stem from mid to late summer. Also known as Oswego Tea: the Oswego Indians used the species for tea as did the colonial American separatists in their struggles with the British over tea taxes. Attractive to butterflies, hummingbirds and, of course, bees, Monarda can grow in either sun or shade. In shade its bloom time is lengthened but it can be blighted by powdery mildew (which lessens its attractiveness but not its longevity).

Coneflower: Goldsturm

A larger version of the wild black-eyed susan with bright golden petals and dark central cones.  Flowers are up to 5” across and grow to be about 2’.  Very drought tolerant and long blooming through August and September.

Coneflower: Purple (aka Echinacea)

Makes an excellent cut flower, attracts loads of pollinators.  Long blooming period. Ht: 2-4 feet

Daisy: Shasta

One of our favorite flowers here at Daisy Hill Farm!  Bright white petals surround a soft yellow center.  Ht: 2-4 feet.  Daisies are really hardy and will spread in your garden given room!