Kate's Organic Seed Collection for the 4x8 bed

Kate's Organic Seed Collection for the 4x8 bed

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This is it!  The year you will grow an amazing, beautiful, healthy garden full of tons of variety and set up to take full advantage of every inch of space.  Really!  You can grow flowers, herbs and vegetables in a small garden.  The 4 x 8 bed collection provides you with a specific planting map of how and when to plant different parts of your garden for a continual harvest starting in late spring and lasting through the fall. 

If you are looking to engage your kids in meal preparation, healthy eating or learning about how we grow food- this is an excellent way to do it.  Kate has been growing food with her kids since they were able to walk around the garden and they are now incredible vegetable lovers and local food proponents.  

Kate has been gardening for over 16 years and has tried many hundreds of plant varieties.   Kate's Curated Seed Collection contains the best local, organic seeds that will grow into the most delicious meals you eat this summer.  

Choosing seeds can be overwhelming! There are so many choices and it is hard to know which ones will grow in your area.  

Kate's Curated Seed Collection takes the guesswork out of all of this!

Here's what you get:

    • 16 seed packets with exactly the right amount to plant a 4'x8' bed (or similarly sized area)
    • Varieties I have personally grown (and love!) successfully for years in Massachusetts (zone 6a).
    • All seeds are GMO-free and organic
    • Enough for successive plantings through spring, summer and early fall.  
    • Printed planting and harvesting instructions.
    • 16 printed plant tags to label your new plants

    Seeds included in the collection:

    • Kale mix:  Red Russian, White Russian and Toscano
    • Lettuce Mix (over 6 varieties)
    • Cascadia Snap Peas
    • Beets: Touchstone Gold, Chioggia and Early Wonder Tall Top
    • Yaya Carrots
    • H-19 Little Leaf Pickling Cucumber
    • Corvair Spinach
    • Bush Beans:  Royal Burgundy, Gold Rush, Provider and Dragon's Tongue
    • Dunja Zucchini
    • Sora Radish
    • Ruby Red Swiss Chard 
    • Krausa Parsley
    • Sweet Basil
    • Bouquet Dill
    • Dark Orange Marigold
    • Kaleidoscope Mix Nasturtium

    All seeds are sourced from top notch seed companies located in New England.