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Color your summer patio, porch, garden or yard with flowers this summer! We grow our flowers with our vegetables to make a spectacular parade of color all summer long.  Aside from the aesthetics, flowers also attract pollinators to help pollinate your veggies and beneficial insects to help fight off the ones who compete for the veggies!

Brighten up salads and other dishes with edible flowers!  Use marigolds to stave off bugs in your veggie garden and/or grow flowers for your own bouquets.   All annual flowers grown for the 4-pack size.

30 New Annual Varieties for 2021!  Scroll down for information on each variety available this year.  

Amaranth, Emerald Tassels

Johnnys says:  Ropes of lime-green, trailing blooms.

Fantastic color and texture for fresh bouquets or large containers. When dried, the blooms turn from green to a light tan color that works well in fall arrangements. Common names include amaranth and tassel flower. Ht. 36–60".

Amaranth, Hopi Red Dye (heirloom)

This amazing plant is dual purpose- for food and decor.  Burgundy-green leaves and deep burgundy 1-2’ flower tassels.  Young leaves may be eaten in salads or lightly steamed.  The flowers can be used to dye food and the seeds can be used like a grain. 

Aster, Crego Mix

We love these fluffy feather-looking blooms that hold well in wet or cold fall conditions.  As color in the rest of the garden is leaving, these provide some late season brightness.   4" flowers come in violet, lavender, pink, rose and fuchsia and white. 18-24” ht

Aster, Valkyrie Mix

Johnny’s says:  Unique addition to bouquets. Needle- or quilled-type blooms atop long sturdy stems. Large, brightly colored, 3½ – 5½" flowers bloom in white, light yellow, pink, crimson, rose, and dark and light purple. Ht. 26–32".

Bachelor Button, Blue Boy  (heirloom)

Annuals with edible flowers, annuals may self-seed. Classic deep blue cornflowers.  Double and semi-double  1-11/2” blooms.  Prefers cooler temps, one of the first flowers to bloom in late Spring.  Cute little puff ball flower heads. Plant height: 16-24”.

Calendula: Pacific Beauty (heirloom)

Edible petals-they are tangy, slightly bitter petals and can be used to garnish salads or main dishes.  Plant height: 18-24”.

Celosia, Chief Mix 

Sturdy plants with strong stems. The flowers are great in bouquets or left in the garden to show off their interesting shape and colors, which include: gold, rose, persimmon, and red shades. Great fresh or dried.. Ht. 36–40".

Celosia, Pampas Plume

This flower with 2–6" long plumes provides a light, airy, soft feathery look to bouquets.  Colors include scarlet, orange, bright yellow, pink, cream. Multi-branching plants produce 10–14 stems each. Ht. 33–48".

Celosia, Sylphid 

Light lemon-lime colored feathery flowers pair beautifully with more bright and vibrant colors in a bouquet.  Ht. 30–40".

Cosmos, Afternoon White

Sturdy stems and 2-4” white blooms with yellow centers.  Excellent cut flower.  Ht. 36–48". Easy to grow.

Cosmos, Cupcakes

Fedco seeds says:  These shimmering delicate beauties were named for the pleating of cupcake papers, evoked by the intricately fused folding of the outer petals. But not described is how the lightweight blooms seem to float on upright stems, more like ballerinas pirouetting in tutus of white and pinks than like cupcake papers. Even better, some of the blooms are doubled, with extra petal tufts surrounding a central yellow button, making for a charming profusion of frills: a scene stealer in the garden. The 4' tall plants attract pollinators and have long stems for cutting.

Cosmos, Sensation Blend (heirloom)

A summer garden staple.  Cosmos are easy-to-grow flowers, great for first time growers.  Lovely blend of showy white, pink, magenta and lavender blooms. Single flowers are 3-4" wide and are lovely in summer borders, container plantings or bouquets. 3-4' tall

Marigold: Crackerjack (heirloom)

Double bloomed-orange, gold and yellow flowers on plants 3’ tall. 

Marigold, Lemon Star

Johnny’s says: “Unique, bicolor Gem-type marigold. Hundreds of petite flowers cover neat, low mounds of lacy foliage with a citrusy scent. ¾-1¼" flowers are lemon yellow with a maroon star-shaped pattern in the center. Long-blooming for beds, borders and containers.”  Ht. 12–18"

Marigold: Queen Sophia (heirloom)

Dwarf French marigold produces a range of different colored flowers.  Our go-to garden marigold.

Mexican Sunflower

Late-season cut flower attracts beneficial insects. Blooms midsummer until first hard freeze, providing bright, 3–3 1/2" flowers well into fall. Most plants produce orange, with a small percentage producing red or yellow blooms. 4-6' tall

Nasturtium, Alaska Mix

High Mowing Seeds says:  Dark green leaves streaked with white and a mix of yellow, orange, salmon and crimson flowers. Foliage and flowers are equally beautiful in this mix with variegated leaves. Delicate blossoms add a gentle, peppery flavor to salads. Stems and leaves have a refreshing, succulent texture. Compact plants-16”.

Nasturtium: Mix (heirloom)

A range of bright orange, red and yellows. Fun, edible flower with a peppery taste- brightens up any dish.  Leaves are round with succulent stems and are also edible. 8” tall, will spread if given room- 10'!

Rudbeckia, Prairie Sun

We love these cheerful flowers.  Strong plants keep producing flowers much of the season.  4–6" blooms have golden petals with primrose tips surrounding a green center. Ht. 28–32"

Snap Dragon, Lion's Mouth Mix

High Mowing Seeds says:  Gorgeous blend of bold and pastel colors. Snapdragons are slow growing in spring but worth the wait, as they bloom continuously through the summer, especially with trimming. One of the premium cut flowers for bouquets and arrangements. Also makes a showy border or garden bed. 12-24"

Statice, Mix

Old-fashioned statice flowers make a great addition to bouquets as fresh flowers as well as dried flowers.  This mix includes 1 1/2–3" flower clusters on strong stems with yellow, white, blue, pastel blue, purple, and rose shades of color.  

Strawflower, Copper Red

The contrast of the deep copper red petals and the golden center makes these petite blooms spectacular.  We love drying strawflowers for fall bouquets, and you can also use them for fresh bouquets. Double blooms are 2–2 1/2" across. Ht. 36–40"

Strawflower, Sultane Mix

We love drying strawflowers for fall bouquets, and you can also use them for fresh bouquets. This mix includes varying hues of pink, orange, purple, red, salmon, yellow, and white. Double blooms are 2–2 1/2" across. Ht. 36–40"

Sunflower, Autumn Beauty Mix (heirloom)

Our favorite blend of sunflowers-the color variety of gold, bronze, orange and scarlet contrast beautifully with the green in the garden and attract so many pollinators!  Birds also love these.  Tall, branched flowers can reach 7’.

Sunflower, Goldy Double

High Mowing Seeds says: “Large, fully double and fuzzy blooms soft enough to cuddle with.Multi-branching plants have numerous bright yellow, eye catching pompom-like flowers adored by children and just about everyone else.”  These extraordinary flowers bloomed through mid October for us last year! 5-6’ tall

Sunflower, Mammoth Grey Stripe (heirloom)

Traditional giant single stem sunflower that grows a 6-12” flower head on a 10-12’ tall stalk.

Sunflower, Soraya

These vigorous flowers make excellent cut flowers and grow to be about 6’ tall.  Loads of branching can lead to up to 25 booms per plant!

Sweet Annie (heirloom)

If you grow flowers for bouquets, don’t forget this sweet, fruity smelling plant!  Also called sweet wormwood, it has long, light and airy plume like branches with tiny cream colored flowers that work as a contrasting filler with other flowers that are bright.  It is also used to dry and make wreaths.

Sweet William, Electron Blend

High Mowing Seeds says:  Electrifying mix of red, pink and white bi-color blossoms, each with bright white highlights. Clusters of up to 30 flowers fill bouquets and borders with its spicy clove-like scent. 18-24" tall. Biennial

Viola/Pansy Majestic Giants

Extra large pansies with 3-4” blooms that are early- they do not mind the low light and cold temps of early spring.  Edible flowers brighten up a salad or can be used for candying.

Viola/Pansy Sorbet

Early, profuse bloomers with small  1–1 1/2" flowers.  Colors include blues, purples, and yellows. Edible flowers brighten up a salad or can be used for candying.

Zinnia: Benary's Giant Mix 

Johnny’s says: “The premium zinnia. Recommended by the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. Vigorous all-season producers hold up well in summer rain and heat all over the country. Densely petaled blooms are up to 6" across. Long-lasting standouts in bouquets. Colors include: deep red, orange, carmine rose, coral, lime, wine, purple, bright pink, white, salmon rose, scarlet, and golden yellow. Ht. 40–50".


Zinnia: Country Fair Mix

Excellent 2-5” cut flower with a warm-tone mix of colors including pink, orange, purple, gold and cream.  The more you cut, the more flowers grow! Attracts butterflies. 3-4 ft

Zinnia: Red Scarlet (heirloom)

Deep red flowers with yellow and red centers.  Plant height 30-36”