Flower Bouquets-Available again in Spring!

Flower Bouquets-Available again in Spring!

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Wow!  We are so excited to officially start selling Daisy Hill bouquets!  

We have been experimenting with bouquets for years and years, incorporating whatever is in season around th farm, which often includes culinary herbs, edible flowers, wild perennials, and of course, our cultivated annuals.  Don't worry- we leave plenty of blooms for our precious pollinators throughout the seasons! 

We offer both stand alone bunches of flowers as well as bouquets in upcycled jars.

If you have a special request about flower type or an event (one of our favorite things was to create farm fresh bouquets for a pre-pandemic wedding several Septembers ago), let us know and we will do our best to help you out!

Standard Bouquet in jar

 Some examples:  


Standard Bouquet 

(without container)