Organic Non-GMO Seeds-Now 30% off!

Organic Non-GMO Seeds-Now 30% off!

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We are pleased to offer an expanded variety of organic seeds from High Mowing Organic SeedsThis is a wonderful company in Vermont where we source many of the seeds to grow seedlings here at the farm.  Full color packets with growing instructions.

. For specific info on a variety, please visit the High Mowing website or click on the individual variety as you scroll through the chart below (which will direct you to the website).  

Arugula, Esmee

Bachelor Button, Polka Dot

Polka Dot Bachelor Button

Basil, Genovese

Genovese Basil

Bean, Mardi Gras Blend

Mardi Gras Blend Bean

Bean, Rattlesnake Pole

Bean, Tavera Haricot Vert

Out of Stock

Tavera Haricot Vert

Beet, Detroit Dark Red

Detroit Dark Red Beet

Beet, Guardsmark Chioggia

Guardsmark Chioggia Beet

Beet, Touchstone Gold

Touchstone Gold Beet

Broccoli, Belstar

Belstar F1 Broccoli

Cabbage, Emiko Napa

Emiko F1 Cabbage

Cabbage, Golden Acre


Golden Acre Cabbage

Carrot, Cosmic Purple


Cosmic Purple Carrot

Carrot, Starburst Blend

Starburst Carrot Blend

Carrot, Yaya



Yaya F1 Carrot

Chard, Ruby/Rhubarb Red

Ruby/Rhubarb Red Chard

Chives, Garlic

Garlic Chives

Cilantro, Santo

Santo Cilantro

Collards, Champion

Collection, Container Garden

Container Garden Organic Seed Collection

Collection, Easy Salad Greens

Easy Salad Greens Organic Seed Collection

Collection, Garden Starter

Garden Starter Organic Seed Collection

Collection, Kid's Garden

Kid's Garden Organic Seed Collection

Collection, Winter Garden

Winter Garden Organic Seed Collection

Corn, Allure Sweet

Allure F1 Sweet Corn

Cosmos, Sensation Blend


Sensation Blend Cosmos

Cucumber, Lemon

Lemon Cucumber

Cucumber, Marketmore 76

Marketmore 76 Cucumber

Cucumber, National Pickling

National Pickling Cucumber

Cucumber, Suyo Long

Suyo Long Cucumber

Dill, Bouquet

Bouquet Dill

Eggplant, Listada diGandia

Listada diGandia Eggplant

Greens, Garnet Red Amaranth

Garnet Red Amaranth Greens

Greens, Red Giant Mustard

Red Giant Mustard Greens

Greens, Tokyo Bekana Asian

Tokyo Bekana Asian Greens

Kale, Ironman Mix

Ironman Kale Mix Salad Mix

Leek, Alto

Alto Leek

Lettuce, Jericho

Jericho Lettuce

Lettuce, Pirat

Pirat Lettuce

Lettuce, Yankee Hardy blend

Yankee Hardy Lettuce Blend

Lettuce, Mesclun Mix

Mesclun Mix

Microgreens, Broccoli

3 oz -(smaller size than is available on HM website)


Microgreens, Red Russian Kale

3 oz-(smaller size than is available on HM website)

Red Russian Kale Microgreens

Nasturtium Blend

Nasturtium Blend

Onion, Cortland

Cortland F1 Onion

Onion, Parade Bunching

Parade Bunching Onion

Onion, Red Carpet

Red Carpet F1 Onion

Pea Shoots

Pea, Cascadia Snap


Cascadia Snap Pea

Pepper, Bangles Blend

Bangles Blend Pepper

Pumpkin, Jack Be Little

Jack Be Little Pumpkin

Pumpkin, New England Pie

New England Pie Pumpkin

Radish, Cherry Belle

Cherry Belle Radish

Radish, Daikon


Radish, French Breakfast

French Breakfast Radish

Spinach, Abundant Bloomsdale

Abundant Bloomsdale Spinach

Spinach, Corvair

Corvair F1 Spinach

Sprouting Seeds, Alfalfa

Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds

Sprouting Seeds, Mung Bean

Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds

Sprouting Seeds, Spring Salad Mix

Spring Salad Mix Sprouting Seeds

Squash, Waltham Butternut

Waltham Butternut Squash

Straightneck, Success PM


Backordered: 4/26

Success PM Straightneck Summer Squash

Sunflower, Autum Beauty

Backordered: 3/22

Autumn Beauty Blend Sunflower

Sunflower, Hella Sonnenblume

Hella Sonnenblume Sunflower

Sunflower, Velvet Queen

Velvet Queen Sunflower

Tomato, Peacevine Cherry

Peacevine Cherry Tomato

Watermelon, Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Zinnia, County Fair Blend

County Fair Blend Zinnias

Zucchini, Costata Romanesco

Costata Romanesco Zucchini

Zucchini, Dark Green

Dark Green Zucchini