Organic Eggplant and Tomatillo Seedlings- Ordering Closed for 2021

Organic Eggplant and Tomatillo Seedlings- Ordering Closed for 2021

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Healthy, organically grown eggplant and tomatillo seedlings.  There is nothing like a fresh pan fried eggplant from your garden in the summer to make your dinner spectacular! Larger eggplants are perfect for the grill or eggplant parmesan.  Eggplant is a staple vegetable for us in the summer- if picked when smaller, they are tender and delicious.  

This was the first year we took tomatillo growing seriously and wow-why did we wait so long?  The fruits are so fun with their paper husks and bright, fruity, acidic tomatillo taste.  The few plants we had were so prolific that we were able to make enough salsa verde to last through the winter.  

New this year: Patio Baby, Little Finger, Orient Express, Petch Siam, and Aretussa (replaces Bianca) Eggplants and Purple Tomatillo and Toma Verde Tomatillo.

Most eggplants are grown in 4" pots ready to be planted beginning mid-May.  A few of our most popular varieties are also available in quart pots.  Quart size eggplants have grown for a few weeks longer (and therefore are larger and closer to bearing fruit).  

Can't Choose?  Check out the eggplant combo packs!


Aretussa Eggplant

Creamy white eggplants have “sweet, meaty” taste and grow to be 7” long. We have been trialing white eggplants for years, and these are the best performing, best tasting we've found (replaces Bianca).

Black Beauty Eggplant

High yielding classic Italian eggplant ideal for eggplant parmesan or grilling.  Fruits 3-4" in diameter and about 6" long.

Diamond Eggplant

Dark purple, mild in flavor and easy to grow!  They set fruit early and keep producing until the autumn frosts. Mature size is approximately 6 inches long. Lovely sautéed with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Fairy Tale Eggplant

Compact plants with small 2-4” light purple and white striped eggplants.  No bitterness, few seeds

Little Finger Eggplant

We love these thin, small eggplants- perfect for a pan fry or grilling.  Because the  dark purple skin is thin and tender and there are few seeds, little cooking time is needed to bring this mildly sweet to fruition!  3-6” fruit. Great variety for small spaces or containers.

Patio Baby Eggplant

Compact plant with the cutest purple eggplants you have ever seen.  Thin skinned 2-3" long mild tasting fruits.  This spineless 18-24" tall plant has many purple flowers to add to its ornamental beauty.  

Petch Siam (Thai) Eggplant

From the Kitizawa Seed Company: “This well-known and productive matti gulla variety is easy to grow. Matti is an Indian village famous for this type of eggplant. The small (2" in diameter), round, green eggplants have a dark green stripe and are very popular in cuisines of India, Thailand, and Vietnam.”

Pingtung Long Eggplant

Chinese Eggplant that is thin and long- up to 12". 

 Shiny, deep lavender fruits with a sweetish taste.  Skin is thin and does not need to be peeled.  Plants are hardy, prolific and disease resistant.  We love that one slice is bite size-easy chopping! 

Orient Express Eggplant

Strong plant with high yields makes this eggplant another winner!  Thin, dark purple fruits 8-10” long and about 2” diameter.  Starts producing fruit early and will continue through some chillier early autumn temps better than others.  And, of course, tender, with a mild flavor.


Purple Tomatillo

From High Mowing Seeds: “Much sweeter than the green types with superb flavor eaten fresh from the plant, grilled or in salsa. Deep violet skin color bleeds into bright green interior flesh. Harvest after the papery husk has split, when fruits are golf ball-sized and skin has turned purple.”

Toma Verde Tomatillo

High Mowing Seeds says: “Early variety with tart flavor when young, becoming sweeter as it ripens. Medium to large size fruits are ready to harvest when husks split and fruit color changes from a yellow green to medium green. Perfect for Salsa Verde or as a special addition to any Mexican dish.”