Annual Organic Seedlings for Fall Planting

Annual Organic Seedlings for Fall Planting

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Some veggies prefer cooler weather a- Most leafy green veggies fall into this category.  Some of these can be harvested in the later fall, some can overwinter with protection for late winter/ early spring harvest.  

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All plants are grown organically and sustainably from non-GMO (and mostly organic) seed at Daisy Hill Farm in Acton, MA.  Vegetables are listed in alphabetical order below.  All vegetable seedlings come in 4 packs and are $4 per pack.

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Mighty Mustard Greens Variety 4-pack

1 of each:

Early mizuna, Garnet, Golden Frills, Green Wave


Greens, Early Mizuna Japanese Mustard (heirloom)

Excellent full season mustard with mild taste.  Keep cutting for small leaf production.  Thin white stalks with deeply serrated dark green leaves. 

Greens, Garnet Mustard (heirloom)

Spicy mustard greens.  Gorgeous leaves are vibrant maroon with bright green stems.  Flowers are tender and sweet in stir fries.

Greens, Golden Frills Mustard

Spicy, slow-bolting mustard greens.  High Mowing says:  “Lacy-looking leaves are vibrant light green, finely cut and frilly. Neon green, deeply cut and serrated leaves add loft, contrast and spicy mustard flavor to signature salad mixes. Bunch at full size for braising greens or use as garnish.”

Greens, Green Wave Mustard

Mustard greens do best in the cooler weather of spring, early summer and fall. Baby leaves are a great addition to salad mixes.  Medium spicy flavor mellows when cooked.  Bright lime green, ruffled leaves.

Lettuce, Jericho Romaine

Classic romaine.  Does better than most other romaines in the heat.  Crisp, juicy upright sword-shaped leaves.

Lettuce, Mirlo Butterhead

From High Mowing:  Very large pale, green butterhead with luxurious appearance and excellent disease resistance. Broad heads packed with tender, buttery leaves have an especially soft and cloud-kissed look. Well-filled, dense heart and relatively early for its size.

Lettuce Mix

An assortment of colors and shapes makes for a delicious and beautiful salad.  

Lettuce, Pirat

High Mowing Seeds says: “Tender heads with notably superior flavor and texture, blanched hearts and red-tinged outer leaves. Bested every other variety for taste and texture in our lettuce trials and also rates as one of the best butterheads” for disease resistance.

Pac Choy

Harvest as baby pac choy or let mature to full size (about 12” tall) Leaves are green and white and white stalk tastes like a mix of cabbage and chard.