Boxed Seed Collections- Sale! 35% off listed price

Boxed Seed Collections- Sale! 35% off listed price

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We love the High Mowing gift box seed collections.  They make excellent gifits for any gardener or aspiring gardener in your life! Personally, I gift many of these over the winter holidays-such a great way to bring a bit of cheery optimism during the darkest months of the year. 

 Each boxed seed collection comes with a sturdy box, instructions for planting and growing, and colorful individual seed packets. 

For specific info on a variety, please visit the High Mowing website or click on the individual variety as you scroll through the chart below (which will direct you to the website).  Note: The prices for seeds through Daisy Hill are indicated on our website, and are lower than what is shown on High Mowing.


Boxed Seed Collections:


Collection, Container Garden

Want to try container gardening next year?  All of the seeds in this collection are all excellent container choices.  Included Seed packets:  Basil, peas, kale, cherry tomato, pepper, salad mix, and cilantro. Comes with planting instructions too!  


 Container Garden Organic Seed Collection

Collection, Easy Salad Greens

The three seed packets in this collection can be planted this fall or next spring!  Includes: spinach, arugula, and salad mix.

Easy Salad Greens Organic Seed Collection

Collection, Garden Starter

Perfect for a new gardener!  All of the seeds in this collection have been chosen because they are easy to grow, fast, and oh-so-satisfying!  Includes: beans, carrots, cucumber, beets, basil, radish, and salad mix.

Garden Starter Organic Seed Collection

Collection, Kitchen Herbs

The perfect gift for anyone who likes to use fresh herbs in cooking, bouquets, or to attract pollinators!  Includes seed packets of: dill, basil, thyme, cilantro, and parsley.