Organic Vegetable Seedlings

Organic Vegetable Seedlings

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Choose from a variety of healthy cool and warm weather seedlings to get a jump start on your growing season.  All plants are grown organically and sustainably from non-GMO seed at Daisy Hill Farm in Acton, MA.  Vegetables are listed in alphabetical order below.  All vegetable seedlings come in 4 packs with the exception of leeks,onions , shallots, and scallions which come in 4" pots (expect 15-20 plants/pot for these).

Scroll down to see more details about each variety.  Can't Decide?  Check out the veggie combo packs!

New for 2020: Royal Burgundy Bush Bean, Gold Rush Bush Bean, Blue Coco Pole Bean, Northeaster Pole Bean, Marvel of Venice Pole Bean, Rattlesnake Pole Bean, Broccoli, January King Cabbage, Romanesco Cauliflower, Preludio Fennel, Kohlrabi, Pac Choi, Ed's Red Shallots, Sayusume Soybeans and Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard.  Woot!

Vegetables that can be planted outside before the threat of frost has passed (usually around mid- April) include: broccooli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, kale, lettuce, scallions and swiss chard.  Vegetables on this page that should be planted after the threat of frost has passed (mid-late May) include beans, celery, and squash.  Don't forget to check out our other warm weather veggies (peppers, eggplants and tomatoes) on the homepage.  Heirloom varieties are indicated by (h).

Bean: Dragon’s Tongue (bush) (h)

Prolific heirloom with delicious beautiful green and purple mottled beans.  Turn green when cooked.

Bean: Maxibel Haricot Vert (bush)  

Thin French beans, sweet and tender.  These haricot verts grow longer than average and hold well if you forget to pick them for a while.

Bean: Royal Burgundy (bush) (h)

Straight 5” solid meaty purple pods turn green when cooked. 

Bean: Gold Rush (bush) (h)

Tender 5-6” round yellow wax bean with excellent flavor and high yields.

Bean: Provider (bush) (h)

Dependable producers of the classic green bean.  Produces 2 big flushes of beans.

Bean: Blue Coco (pole) (h)

Purple French heirloom bean.  Purple vines and purple tinged leaves make for a lovely plant too.  Mild and sweet, can be used as a snap shell or dry bean.

Bean: Northeaster (pole)

Delicious raw and cooked.  Early maturing Roma-type 8” long, 1” wide bean stays tender even if left on the vine a bit too long.

Bean: Marvel of Venice (pole) (h)

Flavorful heirloom Italian wax bean 8-9” long and ¾” wide light yellow pods.

Bean: Rattlesnake (pole)

Heavy producer of 6-7” purple streaked green pods.  Great fresh taste and beans freeze well too.

Red Noodle Yard Long (pole)

 Absolutely stunning 14-18” long burgundy pods that are stringless with sweet Asian bean flavor.

Broccoli (Covina)

Strong hardy plants produce 6-8” compact heads.  Good for fall and spring production. Sweet and nutty taste.

Brussel Sprouts 

Bright, smooth medium green sprouts on a tall straight stalk. 

Cabbage:  Red

Grow through the season and harvest in late summer or fall.  Becomes even sweeter after the first frost! 

Cabbage: Green (January King) (h)

Fall harvest for this 3-5 lb cabbage slightly savoyed well-filled heads with purple wrapper leaves.

Cauliflower: Romanesco

Spiraled  pointed lime green lime green heads for fall harvest.  Taste is mild and nutty.

Celery: Tango

Excellent variety for New England- tolerates shifts in temperature and water.  We harvested our plants for 4 months last year!

Cucumber: Pickling (h)

Sets fruit without pollination, so may be kept under row cover.  Small cukes, plants have high disease resistance

Cucumber: Slicing (h)

Dark green classic slicing cucumbers, 8-9”, produce throughout season

Fennel: Preludio    

This fennel variety does well in our variable New England soils. Fedco says that fennel is a “perennial grown as an annual with a licoricey taste.  Tender stalks and leaves are good for relishes, salads and garden munchies. May also be grilled, sautéed or steamed."

Kale:  Red Russian (h)

Excellent all-around kale variety.  Stems have a purplish hue and leaves are light blue-green.  Harvest all season 

Kale: Toscano (h)

Also known as lacinato or dinosaur kale.  Plant once and harvest outer leaves throughout the whole season!  Darker, ruffled thick leaves.

Kale:  Purple Curly

Incredibly green-deep purple curly kale leaves become more purple with colder temperatures.  Tasty sweet kale is the perfect edible ornamental.

Kohlrabi (Korist)

Clean smooth skin with uniform 3” bulbs, has sweet flavor and crisp texture.    

Leeks: King Richard

They start small, but these leeks will be large and ready to eat in the early fall.

Lettuce Mix

An assortment of colors and shapes makes for a delicious and beautiful salad.    

Onion:  Red Cabernet

Good Red storage onion


Onion: Sweet Walla Walla

 Sweet onion

Pac Choi

Harvest as baby pac choi or let mature to full size (about 12” tall) Leaves are green and white and white stalk tastes like a mix of cabbage and chard.

Scallions: Purple

Beautiful purple bunching onions will come back year after year in your garden!  One of the first spring treats!

Scallions:  White

Classic white bunching onions- perfect for soups, and a myriad of other dishes! Will last the whole year and come back next spring in your garden!

Shallots: Ed's Red 

Prized by chefs, this onion relative is mild and sweet when cooked and adds a little sharpness when used raw in dishes. 

Soybean: Sayamusume

 Excellent buttery sweet flavored soybeans.  Ripen at end of August/early September.  

Yellow Summer Squash

Pick when small for tender squash to eat raw, sauté or grill.

Green  Zucchini (Dunja)

Excellent early green zucchini, powdery mildew resistant.  Harvest young (6-8”)

Waltham Butternut Squash (h)

Big fruits with smaller seed cavities make this winter squash super valuable!  Squashes grow to be 4-5 lbs, but may be harvested younger. Classic, delicious butternut flavor.  Keeps for months after harvest. 

Swiss Chard: Rainbow Mix

Swiss chard is a relative of beets and is easy to grow.  Cut outer leaves and stems all season long for a beautiful rainbow set of “greens” .  Perfect for sautéing with garlic. Lasts entire season.

Swiss Chard:  Fordhook Giant

Wide white stems contrast the large dark green savoyed leaves.  High yielding, lasts entire season when you harvest the outer whorl of leaves and let the small ones in the middle grow larger!