Daisy Hill Egg Share

Daisy Hill Egg Share

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Our happy hens are laying so many eggs that we are ready to have small egg shares once a week!  The chickens live a pretty sweet life safe in their coop at night and roaming around outside most days (less in the winter).  They eat organic feed along with whatever they can find as they forage outside all day (small plants, seeds, worms, bugs, etc).  They are happy chickens and happy chickens lay beautiful, tasty eggs!  

The egg share is 1/2 dozen eggs per week for 15 weeks (June 25-October 1)

Cost $45

Pick-Up: Thursdays 4-6 pm at Daisy Hill Farm, 64 Wood Lane, Acton MA Questions? Feel Free to Contact me at: Phone: 508-740-8695 Email: kate@daisyhillfarm.us

If interested, please fill out this form 

and submit payment. There are very limited spots due to our small operation, so act fast!