Organic Seed Potatoes -SOLD OUT 2022

Organic Seed Potatoes -SOLD OUT 2022

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Potatoes are one of the easiest things AND most satisfying things to grow in your garden.  They are also really versaqltile and can grow in the worst of soils and EVEN tolerate some shade! 

Plant a seed potato (or cuttings) and within weeks  they send up stems and leaves, become established plants and then begin growing more potatoes underground.  Pinch off all flowers to send energy underground to the tubers.

Once the leaves and stems die back, it is time to harvest those spuds! Digging potatoes out of soil has always been a favorite kid (and adult!) activity at the farm.  "Seed potatoes" are potatoes that are ready plant.  This year, we are happy to offer certified organic potatoes from Fedco in Maine. *

You can grow potatoes in many places!  In buckets, grow bags, raised beds, in the ground, old baskets, etc.  They even tolerate some shade.  Have I mentioned we love growing potatoes?  

Check out Johnny's Selected Seed guide to growing potatoes here.

* While we anticipate all seed potato orders will arrive in the spring, sometimes crop or storage problems at the supplier end will occur and we may not recieve the anticipated products.  Fingers crossed, as always.....

 1 lb Magic Molly Purple Potato

Magic Molly potatoes have a deep purple skin and beautiful deep purple flesh.  They are super fun (and easy!) to grow, are beautiful, taste delicious and are great keepers through much of the winter.  We harvest ours beginning in late summer and eat them from storage well into the new year. Technically a fingerling (smaller) potato, but ours get to be pretty large!  Strong plant with few diseases. 

1 lb Chieftan Red Potato

 Bright red potato skin with white flesh- great any way you cook them!  Fried, roasted, mashed, baked.... Resistant to a variety of disases including late blight and scab.

1lb Blue Gold Potato-NEW!

Unusual combination of blueish purplish skin and gold flesh.  High yields and scab resistant.  We grow these at the farm and particularly like them oven roasted with lavender, thyme, salt and pepper.  Simple delectible taste.  

1 lb Yukon Gold Potato-NEW!

Classic, all-purpose potato!  Buff yellow skin, yellow flesh.  Yukon gold has a buttery flvor and is versatile in its use, including but not limited to: mashed potato, latkes, hash browns, french fries, and they also stand up well to grilling, roasting and pan frying.  Yukon gold potaotes do better if they are planted as whole potatoes as opposed to pieces.  

1 lb AmaRosa Potato-NEW!

Gorgeous red skin and red-pink flesh.  And a beautiful as they are, they are also deliscious.  The skin has a high vitamin C content, so keeping it on to cook and eat is a great idea!   Good keepers and scab resistant.  

2 lbs Fingerling Assortment-NEW!

A fun mix of 4 different fingerlings: AmaRosa, Magic Molly, La Ratte, and French Fingerling.  Fast and easy to grow and harvest.  The taste of feshly picked sauteed potatoes is unbeatable.  It is one of the big surprises of growing at home. We love them!