Organic Tomato Seedlings- Online Ordering Closed for 2021

Organic Tomato Seedlings- Online Ordering Closed for 2021

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Nothing beats your homegrown garden tomato!  Sweet, rich, tangy summer in every bite. Daisy Hill Farm tomato plants are sturdy, healthy and ready to plant in mid-May.  Most will produce fruit beginning in August.  Typically, the larger the tomato, the longer the time it takes to mature.  This year we are proud to offer 23 different varieties!

The majority of our tomatoes are grown for the 4" pot size.  There are some single variety multi-packs (3-packs) of the most popular plants at a smaller size.  There are also a limited number of more mature larger plants in the quart size.

New this year:  White Cherry, Indigo Cherry Drop, Garden Peach, Pink Boar, Clementine, Indigo Apple, Costoluto Genovese, Roma Paste, and Hillbilly Potato Leaf, Matt's Wild Cherry

See below for details on each variety. Can't Decide?  Check our the tomato multipacks!

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Cherry Tomatoes

Black Cherry (heirloom)

Black cherry tomatoes look like large maroon-purple-brown grapes.  They have a deep rich flavor typical of black tomatoes.  Prolific.


Yellow Pear (heirloom)

Slightly larger than a typical cherry tomato, these unique yellow pear-shaped tomatoes have a light taste and are excellent producers.


 Indigo Cherry Drop

Deep indigo-burgundy colored skin with red flesh make these cherry tomatoes look like healthy works of art.  Large clusters 1-2 oz. cherry tomatoes grow on vigorous indeterminate vines. 

Sunrise Bumblebee

Part of the artisan bumblebee tomato family, this sweet and tangy tomato is as satisfying to the palette as it is to the eye.  Round yellow tomatoes are covered with stripes that range from yellow to red. Larger than a typical cherry- almost midsize.


This is my favorite cherry tomato- orange-gold in color and unbelievably sweet with a fruity taste that is unique.  I will never have  a summer without sungolds.   


Supersweet 100

Classic red cherry tomato, incredibly sweet, simply amazing!  This plant can grow to be 30 feet long tall if staked and trained!


White Cherry

Pale yellow, mild in taste and prolific on compact plants.  These make an excellent addition to a bowl of rainbow cherry tomatoes!



Midsize and Paste Tomatoes

Amish Paste (heirloom)

Our favorite paste variety- good for cooking, canning or fresh eating. With the right conditions, can grow to be 8 oz.




Clementine's tangerine-colored, oval-round fruits avg. 2 oz. 

Very crack resistant, disease resistant, incredibly prolific  AND they taste great-a sweet-tart flavor. Exceptional when halved and roasted! They can be grown outside or in a hoophouse.  Indeterminate.


Garden Peach (heirloom) 

Another favorite heirloom of ours at the farm.  This gorgeous mid-size (2-4 oz) tomato is interesting, soft, beautiful and simply delicious- sweet and low acid.  These yellow tomatoes have a slight fuzz to their skin, akin to a peach, and blush pink when ripe.  We have found them to be one of the last standing tomatoes during blight, and quite hardy in a range of temperatures as well.  Use for fresh eating, grilling or drying.


Small-medium 1-2” red tomatoes on a compact plant that is great for containers. Determinate.

Indigo Apple 

From High Mowing Seeds:  “Beautiful and early variety with fruits that turn shiny black in the sun. Rich in the powerful antioxidant anthocyanin, these large, stunning fruits offer mild, aromatic tomato flavor improved by full ripening from shiny black to matte purple. Resists cracking and sunscald, with some resistance to late blight.” 4-6 oz. fruit.  Indeterminate

Pink Boar

This boar of a tomato is certainly not a bore.  The colors are incredible! Deep pink skin with green stripes and deep red flesh.  The plants are quite strong and the tomatoes are juicy and sweet--excellent as a snack with some mozzarella. 

Roma Paste (heirloom)

High Mowing Seeds say: 

"Productive plum tomato with great disease resistance! Vigorous and strong, producing heavy yields of picture-perfect, thick-walled fruits with deep red color and mild flavor."

Big Beefsteak/ Slicing Tomatoes

Aunt Ruby’s German Green (heirloom)

Fedco Seeds calls this the best tasting green tomato. “Oblate 12–16 oz fruits blush lightly yellow and develop an amber-pink tinge on the blossom end when ripe. The green flesh of this beefsteak is faintly marbled with pink. Flavor sweet and tart, rich and spicy.“


Big Beef

Classic tomato, avg size 12 oz.  Mostly blemish free, round, red classic tomato flavor.  High disease resistance



Classic tomato, solid, red, good flavor in 8 oz range, determinate.  Smaller than Big Beef, similar disease resistance, more prolific.


Cherokee Purple (heirloom)

This purple-red-pink heirloom produces big tomatoes with a deep, almost smoky taste.  On all of the top 10 heirloom lists. Excellent for slicing on to sandwiches or chopping up to add some color and depth to tomato salad. 


Costoluto Genovese (heirloom)

 From Baker Creek Seeds: “The fluted, old Italian favorite that has been around since the early 19th century. Fruit is rather flattened and quite attractive with its deep ribbing. This variety is a standard in Italy for both fresh eating and preserving, and known for its intensely flavorful, deep red flesh.”


Golden Jubilee (heirloom)

Large orange-yellow tomatoes with a bright, fresh, creamy tomato taste that almost tastes like the fruit is glowing.    One of my favorites.

Green Zebra

These green-with yellow stripe tomatoes are often referred to as heirloom because of their unique taste and color, super rich, sweet and tangy tomatoes.  My kids love these. 

Pink Brandywine (heirloom)

Superb heirloom.  Solid, meaty interior with pink-red exterior.   Not a prolific producer, but the few tomatoes you get will be large and amazing.  We have grown fruits to be almost 2 lbs! 

Matt's Wild Cherry

Johnny's Selected Seeds says:

"The wild tomato with great flavor.

These small cherry tomatoes are deep-red, tender, smooth, and full-flavored with a high sugar content. Though the flavor is superior, it doesn't yield as well as modern varieties, and the fruits are soft. Fantastic in salsa and for fresh eating. Some resistance to early blight and late blight. The story of how we obtained 'Matt's Wild Cherry' seeds can be traced back to Teresa Arellanos de Mena who brought them to Maine from her family's home state of Hidalgo in Eastern Mexico (the region where these tomatoes grow wild)."