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Organic Tomato Seedlings

Organic Tomato Seedlings

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Nothing beats your homegrown garden tomato!  Sweet, rich, tangy summer in every bite.  

Daisy Hill Farm tomato plants are sturdy, healthy and ready to plant at in mid-May. All varieties are available in 4" or 1 quart pots and the most popular tomatoes are also available in 3-packs. Choose from 19 varieties, most of which are heirloom.  See below for details on each variety.

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Cherry Tomatoes

Black Cherry (heirloom)

Black cherry tomatoes look like large maroon-purple-brown grapes.  They have a deep rich flavor typical of black tomatoes.  Prolific.


Yellow Pear Heirloom

Slightly larger than a typical cherry tomato, these unique yellow pear-shaped tomatoes have a light taste and are excellent producers.


Gardener’s Delight (heirloom)

My favorite red cherry tomato-deep, sweet taste with a bit of tang.  Amazing producers. 


Pink Bumblebee

Gorgeous pink tomatoes with light pink, yellow and/or orange stripes.  These sweet tomatoes will make a perfect addition to a dazzling tomato salad.


Sunrise Bumblebee

Part of the artisan bumblebee tomato family, this sweet and tangy tomato is as satifying to the palette as it is to the eye.  Round yellow tomatoes are covered with stripes that range from yellow to red.


This is my favorite cherry tomato- unbelievably sweet with a fruity taste that is unique.  I will never have  a summer without sungolds.   


Supersweet 100

Classic red cherry tomato, incredibly sweet, simply amazing!  This plant can grow to be 30 feet long tall if staked and trained!


Midsize and Paste

Amish Paste (h)

Excellent paste variety- good for cooking, canning r fresh eating.



Garden Peach (h)

Beautiful 2-4 oz tomatoes that blush pink when ripe.  They have a mild, fruity taste and a lovely fuzzy skin (like a peach!).  Plant produces fruit late into the fall.



Small-medium 1-2” red tomatoes on a compact plant that is great for containers.

San Marzano Paste (h)

Excellent paste tomato from Italy.  Peels and cooks down quickly for delicious sauce and soup. 

Speckled Roman Paste

Beautiful pink-red paste tomatoes with yellow-orange streaks.  Eat fresh in tomato salad or cook into sauce. 


Big Beefsteak/ Slicers

Cherokee Purple (h)

This purple-red-pink heirloom produces big tomatoes with a deep, almost smoky taste.  Excellent for slicing on to sandwiches or chopping up to add some color and depth to tomato salad. 


Golden Jubilee (h)

 Incredibly prolific producer of large orange-yellow tomatoes with a bright tomato taste that almost feels like it is glowing.    


Green Zebra

These green-with yellow stripe tomatoes are often referred to as heirloom because of their unique taste and color, super rich, sweet and tangy tomatoes.  My kids love these. 


Hillbilly Potato Leaf (h)

Incredible bicolor tomatoes.  Large yellow-orange with red on blossom end.  Inside is full of yellow and red marbeling. 

Italian Heirloom (h)

Looking for a reliable simple big red tomato?  Plant produces many large tomatoes in a season, with the just-right summer tomato taste.  Excellent fresh and for cooking.

Pink Brandywine (h)

Superb heirloom.  Solid, meaty interior with pink-red exterior.   Not a prolific producer, but the few tomatoes you get will be large and amazing. 


Tiffen Mennonite (h)

Another incredible heirloom, from the Mennonites in Wisconsin.  We grew a 2-lb tiffen last year and it was as tasty as it was big.