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Organic Sweet Pepper Seedlings

Organic Sweet Pepper Seedlings

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Grow your own peppers this summer to enjoy in salads, on the grill or plain raw and sweet!  All seedlings are grown organically from non-GMO seed right here at Daisy Hill Farm in Acton MA.  When choosing the size of your pepper plant, remember that the larger the pot/container, the larger the plant.


The Sweet Carmen Pepper is a long, bright red pepper when ripe.  Excellent for roasting or fresh eating.  Will produce peppers until the frost hits.  

Gilboa Orange

Thick blocky orange bell pepper that does well in the north, ripening in September most years..

King of the North (heirloom)

Good producer, can use as either green or red (when ripe), does well even in cooler summers.

Lunchbox (Red)

Lunchbox Peppers are mature when they are 2-3 inches in length.  They are amazingly sweet and quite prolific.  It is not always easy to get peppers to ripen in New England during our short growing season, but these little treats do the trick!

Sweet Pimento

The Sweet Pimento Pepper is a small (2-3") bright red pepper when ripe.  Excellent for baking or fresh eating.  Thick-walled, sweet.  Prolific producer! 

Sweet Pepper Combo 4-pack

One of each: Carmen, King of the North, Lunchbox, Gilboa Orange