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Organic Hot Pepper Seedlings

Organic Hot Pepper Seedlings

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Spice up your summer with hot peppers from Daisy Hill!  Choose from 6 Varieties- all grown organically from non-GMO seed at Daisy Hill Farm in Acton, MA.

Carrot Bomb

Fedco seeds says “An explosion of round 1–2" shiny bright tangerine baubles blow up the pepper patch on sturdy 2–2½" plants. The heat is comparable to a mild jalapeño but will vary with weather conditions. A bold spark in salsas, kebabs, stir-fries or the pickle jar”.

Czech Black

Black peppers turn reddish when ripe, 2 1/2” long, heat is less than a jalapeno.



VERY hot.  Each plant should set 10-20 2” wrinkled fruits that turn from dark green to tangerine.  Benefits from a cover when summer nights dip below 70.

Hildago Serrano

Hotter than a jalapeño these plants produce many fruits which Fedco describes as “bright, fruity hot flavor lingers in the front of the mouth and makes your taste buds tingle all over,” Green peppers ripen to red.

Ring-O-Fire Cayenne

HOT! 4” fruits mature from green to shiny fire engine red.  Prolific plant.

Thai (h)

Small upright  1” peppers ripen to bright red and each plant can produce 200 peppers! 

Hot Pepper 4 pack

1 of each:  Czech Black, thai, Ring-O-Fire, Serrano