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Organic Herb Seedlings- Annuals

Organic Herb Seedlings- Annuals

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Herbs can add tremendous depth and flavor to any dish you cook up in the kitchen. Add basil and mint to water  and citrus for a refreshing summer drink, or grow enough basil to make your own pesto (so worth it!).  Add some chamomile flowers to your tea.   Most herbs also serve as pollinator attractants when they flower and add both beauty and ecological importance to your garden.  

Start your garden today with seedlings grown at Daisy Hill!  All plants have been grown from seed or cuttings here at the farm using organic and sustainable practices. We use only the highest quality non GMO seeds and soil to grow healthy starts.

Can't decide what to grow?  Check out the variety packs! 

Basil Variety 4 Pack

One of each variety:  Rosie, Round Midnight, Sweet, and Thai

Green Herb Variety 4 Pack

One of each:Sweet basil, parsley, dill, chives

Basil: Rosie 

Tall lavender flower spikes, purple leaves and strong stems make this an excellent addition to bouquets.  Mild basil taste mixed with anise.

Basil: Round Midnight

Beautiful deep purple and green leaves have a different taste- one that feels like it is tinged with nutmeg and is savory.  When the plant flower, it sends up beautiful purple spikes. 

Basil: Sweet

This basil is the traditional star of summer.  Use it fresh in sandwiches, in salads, on pasta, or make your own pesto!

Thai Basil

Beautiful plant with green leaves and purple stems and flowers.  Strong licorice-anise flavor, often used in thai cooking


This plant has fern like green foliage and tiny flowers that are often used in tea for their calming effect


Use the leaves in a multitude of dishes- Indian, Mexican, etc.  If plant is allowed to go to seed, then you get a second treat-coriander.


Large, ferny dill leaves.  Sautee with carrots for an excellent side dish!

Dark Green Parsley

Large, flat rich dark green leaves.