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Organic Flower Seedlings

Organic Flower Seedlings

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Color your summer patio, porch, garden or yard with flowers this summer! Brighten up salads and parties with edible flowers!  Use marigolds to stave off bugs in your veggie garden or brighten up your balcony with some cosmos and zinnias. Choose between a 4-pack or 4" pot with a single plant (that is larger).


Bachelor Button (heirloom)

Annuals with edible flowers, annuals may self-seed.Colors range from light purple to pink, purple and blue.  Cute little puff ball flower heads. Plant height: 16-24”.

Calendula: Pacific Beauty (heirloom)

Edible petals-they are tangy, slightly bitter petals and can be used to garnish salads or main dishes.  Plant height: 18-24”.

Cosmos: Double Click (heirloom)

Semi-double and double puffy blooms in shades of pink, white, plum and magenta.  Sturdy stems make these great cut flowers.  4’



Cosmos:  Sensation Mix

Large bright blooms of red, pink, magenta and white flowers with feathery foliage.  Blooms entire season. Can tolerate cooler weather and attracts pollinators.  4-5’ tall!

Marigold: Crackerjack (heirloom)

Double bloomed-orange, gold and yellow flowers on plants 3’ tall. 

Marigold: Queen Sophia (heirloom)

Dwarf French marigold produces a range of different colored flowers

Nasturtium: Jewel Mix (heirloom)

A range of bright orange, red and yellows. Fun, edible flower with a peppery taste- brightens up any dish.  Leaves are round with succulent stems and are also edible. 8” tall, will spread if gven room

Sunflower: Dwarf: Hella Sonnenblume

Many flowers are produced from one plant.  Strong stems support these 4” diameter yellow-petaled blooms.

Sunflower: Dwarf: Teddy Bear (heirloom)

This dwarf sunflower has puffy 3-5” yellow blooms.  Perfect for containers or in borders and super fun for kids!  Height: 2-3 ft

Zinnia: California Giant Mix (heirloom)

Range of saturated colors on both single and double blooms.  30” tall.  Make excellent cut flowers.  Deadhead to encourage more flowers. 


Zinnia: Oklahoma Ivory (heirloom)

2” double and semi-double blooms in colors ranging from creamy white to light yellow. Increased resistance to powdery mildew. Ht 3 ft

Zinnia: Red Scarlet (heirloom)

Deep red flowers with yellow and red centers.  Plant height 30-36”

Container Flower 4 Pack

One of each: Teddy Bear Sunflower,Sweet Thai Basil, Oklahoma Ivory Zinnia, Nasturtium

Pollinator 4 Pack

One of each: Hyssop, Dill, Thai Basil, Sensation Cosmos


Perennial Flowers

Blanket Flower (heirloom)

Beautiful daisy-like flowers with bicolor petals-red and yellow.  Makes an excellent cut flower.


Hyssop (heirloom) 

Member of the mint family, produces lavender spikes all season long, great for pollinators.


Shasta Daisy

Great cut flower, one of my favorites! 36"

Purple Coneflower

Also known as echinacea, this flower adds so much to bouquets and the bees love it!