Fall 2022 Perennial Offerings

Fall 2022 Perennial Offerings

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Perennial herbs and flowers are such a wonderful addition to your garden-the plants grow larger year after year, and will make every single meal better.  Most herbs also serve as pollinator attractants when they flower and add both beauty and ecological importance to your garden.  

We have a slimmed down slection this fall, due to the drought.

All plants have been grown from non GMO seed or cuttings here at the farm using organic and sustainable practices. We use only the highest quality seeds and soil to grow healthy starts. Multiple sizes available depending on variety: 4" pot, 1 quart pot, 2 quart pot.

Perennial Herbs: 

Garlic Chives/ Chinese Leeks

Fedco says: “Grows like chives, 1' tall, but has flat strap-like leaves that taste like garlic and can be used as a garlic substitute in salads and sautéed vegetables."  The white flowers are incredible for pollinators and are long lasting in the late summer.

Mint, Peppermint

Purple tinged leaves creeping habit. Pale lavender flowers. We enjoy this one paired with citrus and ice for a refreshing afternoon ice tea in the summer. Dried leaves can be used to brew your own peppermint tea in the winter.  Height: 18-24 in

Oregano, Italian

One of the quintessential herbs for sauce and soup making. Flavor is most intense just before plants flower. Trim plants often to keep flower formation at bay, or let the flowers bloom to attract a plethora of pollinators and to add to your bouquets. Green leaves with purplish pink flowers. Height: 18-24 in

Sage, Golden Variegated

This beautiful yellow and green sage is a great ornamental as well as being a great culinary herb for savory dishes. Pollinators love the purple flowers in the spring. Height: 18 in