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Organic Eggplant Seedlings

Organic Eggplant Seedlings

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Healthy, organically grown eggplant seedlings.  There is nothing like a pan fried fresh eggplant from you garden on a Summer evening to make your dinner spectacular!  Larger eggplants are perfect for the grill.  New this year- smaller varieties to grow in containers! For more specific info about each variety scroll down.  



Excellent producer even in cooler summers.  Fruits are 5-6” and skin is ivory colored, flesh not bitter and some say it has a ”mushroom” like taste. 


Dark purple, mild in flavor and easy to grow!  They set fruit early and keep producing until the autumn frosts. Mature size is approximately 6 inches long.

Fairy Tale

Compact plants with small 2-4” light purple and white striped eggplants.  No bitterness, few seeds

Pingtung Long

Chinese Eggplant that is thin and long- up to 12". 

 Shiny, deep lavender fruits with a sweetish taste.  Skin is thin and does not need to be peeled.  Plants are hardy, prolific and disease resistant.  

Patio Baby

Excellent variety for containers. Compact spineless plant produces 2-3” fruits throughout the season.  Plant is 18-24” tall at maturity.

Eggplant Variety 3 Pack

One of each: Diamond, Pingtung Long, Fairy Tale

Eggplant Variety 4 Pack

One of each: Diamond, Pingtung Long, Fairy Tale, Casper