Kate's Curated Seed Collection: Available now at www.daisyhillfarm.us

[gallery ids="1950,1949,1948,1947,1946,1940,1945,1944,1943,1942,1941,1939,1938,1937" type="square" columns="7"] I am not a salesperson by nature, so this part of the business is a bit challenging.  I have been giving away food that I have grown for years, and the idea that I would charge for it seems a bit antithetical to my identity as a food provider, but now that the teaching income isn't rolling in, I am in a bit of a quandary as to how to pay for things, like seeds. So it is time to charge for my wares!  I have several ideas!  First up:  A specially curated organic seed collection to grow your own amazing produce in a 4x8 foot bed! kates-seed-collection-large It can be super overwhelming to order seeds from catalogs with hundreds and hundreds of choices.  So I chose them for you!  They are all varieties that I have grown successfully in Massachusetts for years, and I love them.  Guesswork removed! ALSO--usually when you buy seed packets but only use a few for your small garden there are hundreds of seeds left over and this can lead to overplanting or wasted seed.  Guess what!?   The excess seed problem is solved with the curated seed collection because you will only receive the correct amount to plant a section of the 4x8 bed.  Woo hoo?  Where is Spring?  I am ready to play in the dirt!!! 13 different plant seeds are included:
  1. Lettuce mix (so many beautiful varieties with different colors and tastes!)
  2. Spinach
  3. 2 Varieties of beets that actually come in 4 different colors
  4. Sweet snap peas
  5. 3 varieties of bush beans (yellow, purple and green beans!)
  6. Nasturtiums- beautiful spicy edible flowers
  7. Marigolds - a variety of colors- oranges, reds and yellows
  8. Carrots- sweet orange deliciousness
  9. Kale
  10. Zucchini
  11. Pickling cucumber
  12. Sweet Basil
  13. Parsley
Finally, the fun package will also come with specific planting instructions and care on a printed out packet that can travel to and from from the garden. Also included in the packet is a color-coded garden map, telling you where and when to plant. FINALLY--You can opt to receive notifications (email for now) of when to plant this year, according to weather.  I will send you pictures of my own 4x8 bed and what I am doing throughout the season. You may be wondering, where can I buy this amazing product?  I will tell you!   Go to www.daisyhillfarm.us  --my shopify site. img_2108

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