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Guess that Seedling!

Work at Daisy Hill Farm is gaining speed as seedlings are finally germinating and growing!  Can you guess the select seedlings below?  Fun fact:  We are growing over 3,000 seedlings inside right now! IMG_2458   1. Hint:  This is not native to New England.  Specially grown for fans of the Indian cuisine.           IMG_2457 2.  Hint:  This grows like a weed in California, but we have to intentionally plant it here in New England.           IMG_2434   3.  Hint:  This is dangerous to put directly in to the vegetable garden, because once it is established, it is hard to eradicate.  Important ingredient in a favorite summer cocktail.         IMG_2487   4.  Hint:  This will grow into a cold-loving crop that must be protected from the chickens!           IMG_2498   5.  Hint:  Cold hardy veggie that makes two veggie dishes in one harvest:  greens and root!           Answers:
  1.  Gongoora aka Roselle
  2. Fennel
  3. Mint
  4. Cabbage
  5. Beet

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